Voiceover Reviews:


"Blayne is an excellent voice over professional. I will definitely use her for all of my work moving forward. My only regret is I didn't find her sooner."

-Dale Trotman


"Blayne was absolutely fabulous to work with. It is obvious she has a grand dedication to ensuring the client is 100% happy with the final product. Thank you Blayne!"

-Grant Thomas


"Blayne was responsive and provided several reads for us to choose from. Great voice, great attitude!"

-Susanna Parker


"Blayne was great to work with. Definitely recommended!"

-Alex S. Selvi


"Really willing! It was very nice to work with Blayne!"

-ILENOLIUKGO srl Luca Gonnelli




Boadway World - Michael Dale about "Bring Back Birdie"


"Coris' cast, performing without microphones, played the show honestly sincere,

with only the slightest bit of winking by narrator Blayne Levin during the plot's

more outlandish twists."


"A terrific ensemble (Desiree Davar, Scott McLean Harrison, Blayne Levin,

Maria Maloney, David Perlman and Marc Tumminelli) covered various roles

and was obviously having a blast with Christine Schwalenberg's appropriately

silly choreography.  They sounded great..."



Playbill - Kenneth Jones about "Bring Back Birdie"


"Everything Is Rosey: NYC Troupe's Bring Back Birdie Concerts Are Sold Out"